Date: 4 July 2014
Author: Alphan Kırayoğlu
Client: Self-published

Sunal’s Network

Following my earlier attempt on Turkish cinema, I decided to focus on movies of Kemal Sunal on the anniversary of his passing. He has +80 acting credits on IMDB making his a suitable candidate to focus on. With little bit of coding to grab the movie id’s from Kemal Sunal’s IMDB page and to scrap the movie pages to collect the cast information, we are all set.

In the below graph, red nodes represent movies and turquoise nodes are actors. I generated the graph in Gephi after creating the graphml file in R. We see Kemal Sunal at the center of the graph. Lower left part of the graph shows ‘Hababam’ series. We can see that Tarik Akan is connected to Kemal Sunal only through these movies. On the other hand, Adile Nasit, Sener Sen and Halit Akcatepe are clustered and are in the center of many other movies since they co-stared with Kemal Sunal in many other projects.

In addition, we can re-draw the graph and partition according to modularity. When we look at different color clusters, we see that mostly they correspond to different eras and franchises over Kemal Sunal’s career.

Yellow – early 80’s: Kilibik (1983), Bekciler Krali (1979), Umudumuz Saban (1979), Gerzek Saban (1980)

Purple – late 80’s: Yoksul (1986), Gulen Adam (1990), Sevimli Hirsiz (1988), Uyanik Gazeteci (1988), Yakisikli (1987)

Red – mid/late 70’s: Kapicilar Krali (1979), Saban Oglu Saban (1977), Salako (1974), Tosun Pasa (1976)

Blue – late 70’s Iyi Aile Cocugu (1978), Sark Bulbulu (1979), Koseyi Donen Adam (1978), Dokunmayin Saban’ima (1979)

Pink – Saban franchise, mid-80’s: Sabaniye (1984), Saban Pabucu Yarim (1985), Sendul Saban (1985), En Buyuk Saban (1983), Gurbetci Saban (1985)

Zubuk (1980)

Turquoise – Hababam franchise and mid-70’s: Hababam Sinifi (1975), Hababam Sinifi Sinifta Kaldi (1976), Hababam Sinifi Uyaniyor (1977), Hababam Sinifi Tatilde (1978), Koyden Indim Sehire (1974), Sut Kardesler (1976), Salak Milyoner (1974), Canim Kardesim (1973)