About me

Over the last decade, I have been fortunate to build products and services to help transform the healthcare industry. I am passionate about use of real-world data to accelerate clinical research, using technology to design healthcare delivery systems, and develop value and outcomes based payment models.

At Flatiron Health, I worked on building data and workflow products to improve patient identification and data collection for clinical trials. I am excited about further and better use of technology to reduce the burden on clinical research teams and improve access to novel therapies. It was a blast to witness the wide adoption of EHR systems in oncology and the impact of novel therapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors on outcomes and cost. During my tenure, OncoTrials® went from being an idea to a prototype to a product that is used daily by clinical research teams.

At Galileo Health, I helped build products to deliver affordable high quality and comprehensive care to everyone. Galileo’s engineering team built a clinical intelligence platform used a distributed team of clinicians and built mobile applications to provide 24/7 access to our members. It was a great learning experience to transition to the breadth of deliverying medical care across a wide range of primary and specialist areas. It was pleasure to experience the 0->1 build stage of the platform followed by the commercialization and scaling of Galileo’s team and products.

Currently, I have the pleasure of leading an awesome team of analytics engineers, data scientists, and data platform engineers at Thyme Care. I was able to put together my oncology knowledge and experience of building care delivery systems to support patients’ through their journey. Currently, I spend most of my time thinking value based care arrangements in the oncology space with its unique challenges and opportunities and finding ways to demonstrate the efficacy of our interventions.